About Hakkenbroek Housing Company

Hakkenbroek Housing Company is your quality real estate agency, specialized in both temporary rent of luxury houses or apartments and assisting when buying a property in the Netherlands. We operate through a well spread network, advertisements and personal recommendations. Hakkenbroek, the Dutch housing agency for expats.

What can we do for you?

We are constantly working with utmost care on expanding our databases of reliable, partly international relations. Our first database consists of people who are looking for a representative and luxurious residence during their temporary stay in the Netherlands, or who want to buy a house after a period of time. A long lasting rebuilding of the own house can be another reason for temporary rent.
In the second database you will find landlords who are going to live abroad for a period of time themselves and are planning to rent out their houses during their absence. Naturally the owners of more than one house can also be found in this database.

Since both parties have various wishes and interests it is our challenge to make the perfect match. We are taking time for an extensive acquaintance. A bond of mutual trust between lessor and tenant is important: both the landlord and the lessor should be confident in their agreement. The landlord should be able to let his house without having to worry about it and the person who rents it wishes to enjoy his temporary residence as much as possible.

We extensively inform our clients. Documents with pictures can be sent by mail, fax or e-mail. This way a suitable house can be found quickly and both landlord and tenant can save valuable time. After a preselection has been made, both parties will be introduced to each other while viewing the house. They can make their decision on short term.

Our excellent contracts give maximum security for our clients. Temporary rent requires a thorough and specialized approach. Our contracts stand for a care-free course of the rental period.

What more can we do for you?

Many expatriates decide to stay in Holland for a substantial period of time. Since buying a good property can be a wise option in this case, we have specialised in assisting our customers in finding the perfect dwelling. So our real estate agency is always searching for good houses and apartments on sale for our customers. We can offer the full range of service, including negotiations, screening and paperwork, needed when buying real estate. We are cooperating with a selection of engineers who can give a structural advice on the property you are considering to buy.

All our costs (like advertisements, presentations and viewings) which have to be made to come to a succesful mediation will be paid for by Hakkenbroek Housing Company. Only when our mediation leads to a tenancy agreement or a contract of sale our client will be charged a commission.

Hakkenbroek, the Dutch housing agency for expats: it's all about quality rentals and sales.

Housing Association

Hakkenbroek Housing Company is connected to the "Vereniging Verhuurmakelaars Amsterdam", which is the association of housing specialists.
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