What our customers say

"We were informed extensively by e-mail, even booked from Canada. Arriving at our residence was like coming home."
P. Carter-Barnes - Vancouver

"After renting for 2 years we have just bought our own apartment in Amsterdam; soon to be delivered at the notary's, really exciting! What could we have done without Hakkenbroek?!"
Kate and Lucas - Amsterdam

"You showed us that a mix of personal approach and top professionalism can be very successful"
Peter Konrad - Germany

"Through Hakkenbroek we found the perfect home in Holland, great personal service!"
Ben Walker - Washington DC

"I've found a nice apartment within a few days. Hakkenbroek was a great help for me!"
Omar Vaduz - now Amsterdam

"My home search was a success through Hakkenbroek. I will check in next week. Friends told me about this company and I can only recommend the team to all!"
Claude Dumoulin - Paris